1. Is POMMYCITY a legal and trusted company? 

POMMYCITY is a registered company under the Corporations Act 2001 and is taken to be registered in New South Wales with certificate Australian Company Number 166 218 042 and Issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission on this tenth day of October  2013 as a proprietary company.


2. Why POMMYCITY is so special and what does POMMYCITY do? 

POMMYCITY is very special because of its offers and its complexibility with more than 10 programs plus in 1 system. POMMYCITY is a market place for individual and corporate to meet. A place for employees look  for jobs, or a company looks for employees, retailers are looking for suppliers, merchants are looking for customers and also a place to share and exchange info and opportunity. Generally speaking it is simply a world who have come together to pool their consumer strength. POMMYCITY goal is to share the wealth of the hundreds of billions of dollar Internet economy with any corporate or individual web surfer! It is really a complex market place for merchants and customers. POMMYCITY is formed as a best solution and the most competitive advertisement Internet online Company (small profit) with a huge range from Webpages, Charity, Social Media, Network Marketing,  Franchise/Stockist, Partnership/Merchant, Ads Profits Share, PPC AND PTC IN B2B, B2C, C2C,  Auction, and Coupon Marketing System.


3.  What is POMMYCITY and why are you are called POMMYCITY? 

POMMYCITY term is come from the founder name Mr. Peter Pommy. Pommycity is publishing online marketing in my city, your city and all cities. Pommycity is also a market for merchants and customers to meet.  The sellers can offer their products in Pommycity and the buyers can seek their need in Pommycity.


4. a. What is the different between POMMYCITY and other business online? 

POMMYCITY systems consist of more than 10 programs in 1 system, and most of others only offer 1 program, and so easy to collapse because of the limitation. In Pommycity programs we hope everybody will save and make money, when you join Pommycity programs, we give you webpages for you to promote, publicity your company, services, products and even for your personal use and everybody will get benefits. Pommycity does not sell securities or investments, because we are not a hyip, money game or ponzi and not even a real MLM company. POMMYCITY is an advertising company offer by online and offline and it is available in my city, your city and every city with a special and unique target marketing system to reach customers effectively and can be used in any business online or offline. When you join Pommycity as our customer we will give you webpages, so you can use it for personal use, art, publicity, or even promotion. Every member or merchant will get webpages. Pommycity will deliver all the advertising packages that we provide to all members and merchants. Pommycity is committed to help everybody to reduce the advertisement costs, share profits back to all participants, change your cost to be an income, the expense to be a profit, and help all government to reduce poverty in any countries. We provide free customer, advertiser, advertiser plus, and  super advertiser membership and so everyone can choice a membership that suit to his/her budget and ability, so we do not offer a refund for all purchases.

b. Pommycity is very unique because ..... POMMYCITY will share back all the profits to all participants in our special program short, medium and long time period, and Pommycity supports local charitable organisation and our Lovepeople Organisation  Charity Foundation. POMMYCITY system is very unique, complexity and will be long live and as we know in most of BO, MLM programs are only a few people make money that join in the beginning. But Pommycity share all profits to all participants who are qualified even so there is no income guarantee made or assumed that you will make these levels of income and you accept the risk that the earnings and income statements differ by individual. As with any business, your results may vary, and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, motivation and effort. POMMYCITY.COM sells advertising in many ways and POMMYCITY.COM will share the profit back to all participants especially Super Advertiser in Ads Credit, APP, PCP, Webpages, Coupons Deals, Franchise/stockiest, Partnership Products Sales or Services etc. We have 2 options to do Pommycity business; single level and multi level. If you choose to work the multi level or network marketing side which is an optional, you can earn more. You will make more money if you refer customers or merchants, but again that's optional. 

c. Our Patented STN Programs ..... Since the STN BONUS is a free gift from POMMYCITY to all participants, so POMMYCITY never ever owe you anything and POMMYCITY reserves the right to give or share our profit to anybody at our disclosure at any time. Moreover POMMYCITY reserves the right to change, withdraw, upgrade, modify, limit or suspend or even cancel the STN Bonus free gift or bonus program system temporary or permanently with prior notice and as long as it does not against the law, and Pommycity does not guarantee that everybody will get the STN Bonus all the times but every single mature STN Ticket in FORCE 4X6 MATRIX potentially will get a free gift or bonus from POMMYCITY with unknown and unlimited time. STN is wortless until its matured or selected in random draw or in selective in seasonal promotions.   


5. Who is eligible to register and how to register ? 

POMMYCITY Programs is for everybody and who is 18 years old or more is eligible to register, access and use POMMYCITY programs, but POMMYCITY will also give an opportunity to a child 13-17 years old to be POMMYCITY membership (to make money to support their own school fee), as long as an adult or guardian has signed to be the child’s representative (Please see the children registration). An organisation, company, club, group may register with POMMYCITY as long as they are exist and are an active organisation, and they will be able join as a merchant by proving tax number, a copy of company certificate, proof of company address, and a copy Director ID Card/passport. We only need real people (individual) and valid merchant (corporate) who join our program. An invalid and fake will be prevented and banned from POMMYCITY. Basic registration is quick and simple - just visit www.pommycity.com and register yourself online or contact an Advertiser or Advertiser Plus, Super Advertiser or pommycity staff for more detail (but never pay the fee direct to anybody). All memberships will be registered as a Free Customer-FC and we will send you an E-mail and password to login. If you decide to upgrade to Advertiser-AD you need to pay US $10 (lifetime) or Advertiser Plus pay $130 (lifetime) and Super Advertiser $10 (lifetime) + $240 per year or you can pay $20 monthly.  Please scan proof of your payment and email to admin@pommycity.com and webmaster@pommycity.com. After we have received proof of your payment we will upgrade your membership. If the e-mail address you provide us does not exist or was typed in incorrectly, you will not receive a “verification” mail and thus it will not be possible to login and you need to reset your password or contact admin@pommycity.com to solve the issue. Therefore, please, use a valid e-mail you have access to – or let it be. We do not want any unidentified members on POMMYCITY, once you have verified your e-mail, you will be able to log in, access and use pommycity programs and start promote, sell your products and service and make money. Also please check membership agreement and condition to know more your rights, obligations and limitations.


6. How do I handle my registration? 

If you have verified your e-mail address, POMMYCITY will allow you to post in ads. If you have not verified, please check your mailbox for mail that we have sent you and click on the link. Then you will be able to do it. For paid membership; Advertiser , Advertiser Plus or Super Advertiser, when we have received proof of your payment then your account will be active normally within  48 hours, if after 48 hours you have not received an email, your membership status and STN Data and others (PCP, APP) have not changed, Please contact us as soon as possible or please make sure you enter the correct username and password, like during registration. If you continue to have difficulty, please click on “Forgot Password”, and reset your password and follow the instructions. Your password will then be sent to your registered e-mail address. You will need to change your password; if someone has helped you complete the application. For your safety it is better you change it regularly. For any more problems, please contact our customer’s service at cs@pommycity.com or admin@pommycity.com. If you have forgotten your username and your password and have also entered an incorrect email address in your registration, or if you have forgotten both your username and email address, this is a serious problem, especially you have got new members, merchants, acs, stns, app, pcp, or bonuses. You need to contact your direct support team orPommycity staff who helped you register, or write to admin@pommycity.com .


7. Why do I have to register to be a member to access POMMYCITY System? 

You need to be a member so that we know who you are. POMMYCITY will always give the best for safety, security and protection to all its members. POMMYCITY has to make sure who you are, to be able to protect you and other users from fraud and scams.


8. How can I edit my personal information?

Log in to your account and “Dashboard” in Membership Details Area. Click ‘PROFILE’ and select Profile and click bottom bar Edit Profile. You can change your personal information at any time, and do not forget to SAVE it by Click UPDATE.                                                                        

  • Change password, click change password and enter your old password and enter new password into password and enter the password confirmation then SAVE.
  • To change Profile Picture, click profile picture and upload your picture by Choose File and SAVE !
  • To input your bank Account, click Profile and choose Bank Account, and enter the information and SAVE !


9. What should I do if I forgot my username or password?

Fill your user name and in box including the security box and Click on “Reset Password” then it will guide you to the next level to change your password, so please fill your user name, email and security code and RESET PASSWORD, your username and password will be sent to your registered e-mail address as soon as Possible.


10.  How can I Post Ads or make a webpage or blog? 

  1. Login with your username and password in to your account. 
  2. Select Dashboard then click WEBPAGE  and select View Your Webpage and if you want to change your Webpage Click  EDIT WEBPAGE. 
  3. Enter the Webpage Title anda write webpage Description and all details of your webpage and SAVE. 
  4. Post and browse the picture or image or photo if you want to add in. 
  5. Preview the ads and publish them.


11. How much does a posting cost?

It does not cost you any cents as long as you advertise in your own webpages that we provide and you have not reached the limitation, as we provide free webpages. If you have reached the limitation, you have to delete your past posting or ads or information; otherwise you have to postpone the posting or pay the extra fee to get more webpages, $5 per webpage per month.


12. How do I advertise on the target marketing and how much does it cost? 

  1. Click Advertising and click Buy Ads Credits with money from as little as $2 to $10,000. 
  2. Enter  the Quantity eg. 1000 and then choice your CURRENCY and choice your PAYMENT METHOD then  click the bottom button BUY AC.      
  3. After you have paid by E-wallet, Bank Transfer and you will have some AC then with some AC you can click PURCHASE ADS.
  4. Select Your Code Ads and tick the TARGET ADS and select the country, state, city, council and suburb.
  5. Calculate how much do you want to spend in PPC-Pay Per Click or Cost Per Day. Merchants can make an advertising contract with POMMYCITY eg. 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year,  5 years to 10 years.

     Please find out the advertisement rates and conditions in the webpages, refer to Price List Advertising.


13. How many pictures, photos or images or video can I attach together with my ads?

You can attach as many as you like as long as you have not reached your limitation. But for our users comfort, you will be allowed to load and attach not more than 100 pictures per webpage or 100 products per webpage. If you want your ads to have more than 100 pictures you will have to pay extra fees, $5.00 per webpage. Browse the photos, images, pictures you want to post, but please make sure it is a.jpg or gif, jpeg. Select them and they will be loaded immediately.


14. How can I manage my posting or ads? 

Log in to your account  and click "DASHBOARD" then click ADVERTISING  and MANAGE CONTENT ADS then click detail and edit as you require.


15. How can users contact me when they like what I have in my ads? 

POMMYCITY offers more than 10 programs in 1 system. You can freely choose the customers or any participants who are interested in your items in the most ads; you will be able to contact them directly for their INTEREST. POMMYCITY will allow Member to contact Merchant through the POMMYCITY platform and vice versal. POMMYCITY will help you and send you a list of customers who show or might interested to your items with a condition (STN Program, PCP, Coupon Deals). If you are a merchant you also can advertise your products or services or offers to allow members to contact you directly with a limitation, address, or phone only or through our special platform. POMMYCITY does not allow any customers or merchant to contact you by emails at the beginning; POMMYCITY does not want spammers to spam you.   


16. If I sold my products- how can I delete my posting or ads? 

If you have sold your products or services have been terminated, please log in to Your Account and choose ‘Edit My Ads,’ and then select or click on the posting or the ads that you want to delete (-if you do not delete the Posting or Ads after You ads has expired. POMMYCITY will delete it automatically, it is better you delete the old posting or ads and it will give you more space to advertise). After you have select the posting or ads you want to delete, click the “Delete” button and SAVE. Your ads will be deleted immediately.


17. How do I contact the buyer if I have found an item, which I am interested in and want to buy? 

After you have found what you want, you can offer to buy the product; Phoning the Seller via the telephone number provided. Sending a note or email to the Seller via POMMYCITY platform. Asking the seller/advertiser about the item and everything you need to know. Asking and negotiating the final price; then closing the deal. Fixing a date and time to meet the seller and see the item (direct sell, garage sell in your local or national sale) before you hand over the money. NEVER sending your money before you actually see the item.


18. What will you do with my personal data and bank information? 

We will keep it safely and never share with anybody-unless you authorise us to do so. Your data is our asset and so we will protect it. We honour you privacy and never disclose to a third party.  You can choose which information about you should be published in the ads normally we only show a basic information only including name, member code, status, country, state,  city, council and village. We will never publish your email address on the site, to prevent the spammer. The buyer, seller, or applicants who show an interested in your ads will contact you through the platform or contact function provided and you can also make a contact with them. All the data will be stored safely with POMMYCITY and POMMYCITY will only use it to send you information about the things you are interested in. The bank information we need it to check your data and information you send is genuine. We need your account number information for you to receive the profit sharing including from Pommycity. You can empty the bank information if you feel it is not safe or not suitable for you. POMMYCITY still will pay you via paypal, western union, or other means of wire transfer bank which are suitable but transfer fee may apply.


19. Why the big difference between Free Customer, Advertiser, Advertiser Plus and Super Advertiser memberships? 

Although all our memberships are great, please see the difference of membership in marketing plan and bonuses. We still give premium services to all membership and even a Free Customer will be able to make money in Pommycity System. Basically, FC will make 5%, and Advertiser 7.5%-10%, Advertiser Plus 10% and Super Advertiser 10%-12.5% + all benefits.


20. What are Super Advertiser memberships received and why is better than Advertiser, Advertiser Plus and Free Customer memberships? 

Super Advertiser memberships will receive all the bonuses if he/she is qualified; SA will receive Direct Sponsor Bonus if any  SA join, binary bonus, matching bonus, leadership bonus, position official bonus, 100% stn bonus, including full PCP bonus, dual team Bonus, etc.  A Super Advertiser can apply to be an Official Position and get a lot of benefits as A Leader SA, Manager, Mayor, and Governor. All official Position must be able to show his/her ability to recruit members and merchants if he/she wants to keep his official position. Pommycity reserves the right also to suspend or terminate any official position at any time if the official is not able to reach the target or break our rules. There are also plenty of offers, discounts, specials, and competitions for SA Membership. In STN Program a SA will make $938.60 per STN, An Advertiser Plus $235, An Advertiser will get a $90 and Free Customer will get a $45 when a ticket STN is matured.


21. What is an Official Position? 

An Official Position is a position within POMMYCITY System. The Official Position is dividing into a few categories; a leader of a suburb/village (LEADER SA), Leader of Council/District (MANAGER), Leader of City/Regency (MAYOR), And Leader of State/Province (GOVERNOR). The Official Position commits to find members and merchants in his/her area to develop POMMYCITY business. The Leader of an area need to lead and organise a meeting for all the active members, to support and maintenance business relationship with pommycity, merchants, members, charities and local community.


22. How do I pay? 

You can only make your payment via Bank Wire Transfer at the moment. Soon or later we will provide payment by Paypay, western union or credit card in the near future.


23. Can we have a discount? 

POMMYCITY is already very competitive compared with other Online Business and Network marketing companies. We cannot give you any discount as we have  designed like this. You can choose your membership; Free Customer-FC, Advertiser Plus - AD + $130, Advertise-AD $10 (Lifetime), and Super Advertiser-SA $10 (Lifetime) + ($20 Monthly). During a seasonal promotion  Pre grand launching international online you can pay 1 year membership and get a better whole packet  as below 1600 PCP G, 4500PCP I, 32,500 APP, 15 STN, FW. 


24. How long can I be POMMYCITY Membership? 

POMMYCITY Free Customer Membership is forever and Advertiser-AD and Advertiser Plus- AD + are also a lifetime membership. Super  Advertiser-SA is a monthly account and you need to renew with $20 every month, if you do not pay 3 months continuously then your SA membership will be changed to be Advertiser-AD or AD + and you will lose all your team in 2x15 SA Binary System and you will lose as an official position.


25. Can I really make money from becoming POMMYCITY Membership? 

Absolutely! The day you sign up to become POMMYCITY member and even as a Free Customer, you will already start to see actual cash accumulating in your account. How? POMMYCITY is Publishing Online Marketing in My City, Your City and All Cities and for everybody, so POMMYCITY shares profits to all qualified participants. Every single transaction on Pommycity and when we make profit on Webpages, Ads Credit, Coupon Deals, PCP, APP and STN Voucher we will share the profits to all of participants. POMMYCITY have signed up with various advertising agencies, merchants, who want to reach our community and they are paying us money to do so, and a lot of these monies are then shared and distributed to every participants who are active. Moreover, POMMYCITY is truly a global enterprise online business, anyone from anywhere in the world can participate in our programs to make money with various term and condition.


26. How much money can POMMYCITY Members make?

If I tell you that in POMMYCITY you can earn unlimited, you would not believe. How much do you want to make and it will make you satisfied? POMMYCITY grows depend on the growing of POMMYCITY Customers and Merchants who are surfing POMMYCITY website and also they order more for Webpages, Ads Credits, Coupons Deals, APP, PCP and STNs. POMMYCITY share profits to all participants    with more than 10 programs in 1 Systems. POMMYCITY concept is to share profits from their referrals, shoppings, Merchant, Bidding, Stockist, Pommycity Online Store   Offer (POSO), PPC etc. The POMMYCITY Membership is still in its infancy, so your future earnings are unlimited, as we have not started yet as our website is not really completed (Date 16.02.2015)! It is not impossible to make tens of thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands of dollars or million dollars per year through Internet business in the future, currently internet users more than 1.3 billion people, every day more than hundred thousands people join social media, learn how to surf, looking for home based business and make money online etc. If you are a SA membership, you   are in right vehicle; we believe you can make over $10,000 per month in the future.


27. How many referrals can I have? 

You can have unlimited number of referrals in unilevel but in Binary every single member only need 2 direct members, so after you have fill yours and the rest will put under one of your legs. Our system is 2x15 or 65,534 SA, 2xunlimited and our STN Program matrix 4x6 or 5460 STN.


28. What happens if a customer I referred cancels his/her membership? 

Since a FC do not need to pay to join Pommycity so if the Free Customer cancel his/her membership it would not change anything. Anytime, People can join and active their account.


29. Can I cancel my membership and if so, how? 

You can cancel your membership at any time, since it is free and we offer to you forever, within 12 months if you never log in to pommycity.com your account will be suspended and you have to reactivated if you want to access,  use and promote. When   everyone already knows about POMMYCITY, wouldn't the whole system collapse because the people at the bottom of the level will not be able to sign up any referrals  (no more people or company to sponsor). POMMYCITY members are all the people and all the companies world widely; we do not have any competitors, we support all businesses and we help everybody to save money and make money. Pommycity system is the best with more than 10 programs in 1 System, our programs is for everybody or companies from all countries, every single Individuals or companies can be registered to be our member or merchant. You won't run out of people or company  to be our member for many years to come, even so you still will make money in our  STN Program, PCP and PTC you dont need to refer anybody to make money. If you want to make money  in MLM you need to introduce 2 people only, even you don’t introduce any member or merchant you still can make a lot of money through STN Program. If you do run out of people or companies, POMMYCITY system still will not collapse, you still able to earn money through our whole POMMYCITY Program system. POMMYCITY is the best solution for members and merchants; members can save money and make money at the same time Merchants do not need to do advertise but the members will come and shop, inPommycity you can make money simply visit a shop and shopping around without do anything. Remember, the ultimate goal is to re-distribute our whole POMMYCITY system to every individual and company, so you'll start to make money every time when your blog is visited by surfers or somebody click the advertise or watch your video or your referrals make a purchase in our Merchants. As time goes, POMMYCITY will get more contracts with more merchants or companies to join or advertise and so as a member, your earning potential will be double, triple and more.


30. Where does POMMYCITY get Profits to pay Bonuses? 

Pommycity is an online and offline advertising company that available in my city, your city and every cities. To be a sustainable company and be able to manage the business well to pay all bonuses, Pommycity must sell and offer advertising in many ways; Webpages, Target Marketing–Ads Credit-AC and APP, Coupon Marketing system, PPC,    PCP and STN Voucher to all businesses.  Pommycity also charges webpages memberships with a reasonable fee from Advertiser-AD $10 (lifetime membership), $130 Advertiser Plus and a $20 monthly fee to maintain the webpages server cost for       our super advertiser-SA.


31. To pay a STN Bonus to a Super Advertiser need $938,60, Where does Pommycity get the profits to pay ? 

Since the STN BONUS is a free gift from POMMYCITY to all participants, so Pommycity must calculated it well before POMMYCITY is able to share profits to all participants. The STN Bonus Program is based on FIFO matrix 4x6 or 5461 STNs, it means after Pommycity has sold 5460 STNs to Merchants or Pommycity has received $5461 then Pommycity must share the profits up to 75-80% of $5461 or $4095 back to all participants including charities, and  leaders. First at all, Pommycity will share the STN BONUS of $938.60 to the 1st  STN Owner that has matured first and the rest $3156.40 to others STN owners or others participants.  


32. How many STN can a member have?

Everybody can save and collect 300 STNs per month, if you have got more than 300 STNs per month, then the rest will put into next month FIFO, basically you can have 3600 STNs per year. With our seasonal promotion Pommycity will give any member $10 for his contribute to collect 30 STNs. If one day Pommycity members has reached to millions, and each member gets 1 STN only everyday then it would be hundrends or thousand STN would be expired. 


33. Can a member/merchant sell a STN ticket? 

Yes and No! Only a STN reaches 4 to 6 levels in FIFO matrix 4x6 can be permitted to be sold to a member, since an unmatured STN ticket is Wortless until the STN  ticket is matured or selected in random draw or selective seasonal promotion. If the transaction between members then the transaction is allowed between FC to FC, AD to AD and SA to SA only and $2 fee might apply.


34. How will payment be sent out to me?

We will transfer your bonus or some money as long as your balance is more than $20 within Australia, or $100 or more outside Australia except we have a representative office and we will do the same amount  $20. If your balance is less than $20 (Australia) or $100(Outside Australia) for a given month, then it will be brought forward to the next month and accumulated until you have collected $20 (Australia) or $100 (Outside Australia). In the near future, POMMYCITY will issue a DEBIT VISA Card, but we have to reach up to 50000 Members requirement by our sponsor.

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