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Introducing Pommycity

Dear sir/madam,

Everyone will agree that the most important in doing a business is to have CUSTOMERS.

Does your business require MORE  CUSTOMERS?

Do you want to increase sales and to compete with your competitors?

Do you spend a lot of money to advertise on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines etc  but there is no guarantee CUSTOMERS will come to shop in your business?

If YES then we can work together, because we have loyal CUSTOMERS.

Let me Introduce us to you, We are POMMYCITY, a global advertising cooperate or advertising online and offline company base in Sydney, Australia, is now present in globally. POMMYCITY present as a business partner not as a COMPETITOR, as business partners for all kind of business whether online or offline, SMEs or BIG. POMMYCITY can help any business owner as well as to increase your turnover, adding more CUSTOMERS, seize market share and make your business more competitive to others.



  • Join and Register for FREE (NO PAY)
  • No need to pay, save on domain, hosting, design and maintenance fee of a Website
  • Free WEBPAGES for company Profiles, Promotion, platform Advertising
  • You can determine your own market local or global
  • Get new customers from POMMYCITY’s Customers and Members
  • Customers and Members of Pommycity are only interested shopping at your business.
  • No need do a massive promotion, Pommycity will do it for you
  • Merchant will get a profit sharing from POMMYCITY STN loyalty program


We offer to all of our users a basic  FREE Webpages; company profiles, promotions, sales, online store etc, and you do not have to pay for a domain, hosting, website design and maintenance costs, if want to have a special and get more webpages, or with your own website  we can help you as well.

With our Ads Credit/Ads Package Point-APP you can determine your target market with a very low cost, starting at $ 0.20 per day or $ 0.01 PPC; Text, Banner, Video, Jobs, Cars, Property, Classified, PDF Files, Directory, Personal etc. If you want to increase your web traffic, we provide Web Traffic Ads starting from $0.01 in PPC only, if NO VISITORS - NO SALES - NO LEADS, with visitors that Pommycity send to your website, they might be interested to buy from you.

Coupon Deals Pommycity  is very competitive, Merchants do not have to pay but Customers,  total price of a Pommycity’s Coupon Deal is just from $ 2.20 only(including 1 STN and PCP G and PCP I) or whether local or global you can cancel your promotion at any time, No Sale No Fee.

STN-Shopping Transaction Number is our royalty programs that we provide for a win win solution for the merchant, customer and company. For 1 STN voucher is only cost a merchant $1.10 and with a minimum order of 10 STNs, Pommycity provides a 100% money back guarantee policy if it does not bring CUSTOMER to come to your business. Pommycity will convince our customers and members and send them to your business as require by Merchants. Merchants have to determine how much the amount spending will get 1 STN Voucher, eg at $25. If Customer come and shopping $50, then Merchant must provide 2 STNs voucher, if the customer is an AD / FC then Merchant will be participating and get our profit-sharing bonus from $45 per  1 STN matured in FIFO, and we will do draw random and selectively. Please register at for free and select Registration and then select MERCHANT. Our Customers are waiting for you!



Peter Pommy

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