Shipping Policy

Our services are based online, so when a transaction is complete, Pommycity will send you an invoice and within 24 hours you will receive it.

When you go through the procedure for purchasing a Webpage, APP, Coupon Deals, Ad Credit, STN, PCP or Products etc and you must to confirm your acceptance to these terms and conditions and our Shipping and return Policy.

After Pommycity have taken payment  from you (by debit card or credit card, paypal, bank tranfers or whatever) the transaction will be complete. Pommycity will email you the proof of the transaction (which is our acceptance of the transaction and when a contract for this Purchase is made).

We keep a copy of the contract between us. You are welcome to print out these terms and conditions from our Website as a record. 

Once we send you the orders, you may cancell the transaction at any time within 3 working days for these products services ( Webpages, APP, Coupon Deals, Ad Credit, PCP) from the day that you receive the order.  If you want to cancel, you must do so by sending us an email to tell us you are cancelling via Alternatively, you may write to us or send us a fax.  In each case, your cancellation request will only be accepted if your have not enter the STN Code, or used the APP, AC,  or redemption of a Coupon Deals, so after we find out you have used the APP or AC taht you purchase then we don't do any refund.   

We also take no responsibility for misdirected cancellation requests, or cancellation requests which are not received within 3 working days, because all of these products sold by ONLINE. For any products physical products you may cancell it within 7 days. Moreover for our marketing Tools STN you can not cancell it before 3 months, if you do it before 3 months then we will charge you 10% of the admin fee + tranfer fee), after 3 months we will give you a full refund 100%for all your unsold STN.

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